Kensington Stables

Kensington Stable at 51 Caton Place was built in 1930 as the last extension of the riding academy at 11 Ocean Parkway founded in 1917. The first extension was torn down to make the foot bridge over Ocean Parkway. The original riding academy closed in 1937 and is now a warehouse. Today, Kensington Stables is the only remaining stable in the Prospect Park area. We continue to offer friendly, accessible, and affordable equestrian activities for New Yorkers and New York’s many visitors from all walks of life.

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Bensonhurst’s West End Jewelers opened in March, 1946 with “Papa” Joe Pachaneck behind the counter. Over seventy years later it’s still going strong with sons Barry and Howard.

“We’ve built our 70 years in business delivering high-quality gems and jewelry at very fair prices, backed up by the pride in our family’s business, and taking the stress out of celebrating special life occasions,” explained Barry. “Engagement rings and important keepsakes are high-value items requiring specialized knowledge. We treat our customers like family.”

 GoldenGates grocer on Flatbush Avenue


Veteran produce-seller John Cortese began working at Golden Gate Fancy Fruits and Vegetables when the Dodgers still played at Ebbets Field and Floyd Bennett Field was still a municipal airport.

Cortese’s parents opened the shop, and at 14, he started bringing produce to patron’s homes for his father. He helped out until he graduated from high school in 1942 and the went to serve for three years. Cortese returned home and eventually took over manning the store in 1960 where he works every day except for Sunday and Monday.

His son, John, helps run the shop. “People used to shop here with their parents and now they are old, and they want to see if it’s still here. It reminds them of good times, and seeing him, and takes them back to when they were younger, and when their parents came in. So you really step back in time when you come here.” 



Five Boroughs Brewing Co opened shop in Sunset Park in August 2017. They searched across the city for a manufacturing space, and settled on Sunset Park location because the former steel plant offered enough space to expand in future years. The taproom can hold up to 140 people with 35-foot ceilings.

The Five Boroughs signature brews — an India Pale Ale, a Gose, and a Pilsner — are available at bars and restaurants around the city, but some of its more experimental styles will only be available at the taproom.